Who takes care of the funeral directors? Read the latest blog from SAIF’s Paul Allcock.

August 15, 2017   //   No Comments

Over the past few years, there have been many publications from various sources to encourage people to talk about death and funerals, with particular emphasis on making your wishes clear to those left with the task of organising a funeral at the time of need.  Sadly in our society today, there are still many people who avoid this discussion and leave those they love the most with the hardest task of all, ensuring that the funeral they arrange is appropriate.  This can leave people with many questions which can never be answered absolutely.  Was I right to have my husband cremated?  I think my wife wanted a church service?  Questions which can cause very real worries and ongoing bereavement issues, which could have easily been answered by a simple discussion in advance.

For this reason I applaud everyone who highlights the importance of being prepared and making your wishes known to those that matter.  One organisation is taking this conversation to another level.  The Art of Dying Well website, commissioned by the Catholic Church of England and Wales, are not only talking about preparation for the funeral following death, but also how to prepare for the time leading up to the point of death itself.  Having been invited to do an interview podcast for them, I have been extremely impressed by the site and the many experts who have contributed to the content.  If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to view the site and to suggest it to anyone you feel would find it helpful, be they fellow professionals, clients or even family members.

One thing they are promoting over the coming month is the memorial of the Patron Saint of funeral directors, St Joseph of Arimathea on 31st August.  Many funeral directors will not be aware of this link, but it makes absolute sense that the man who took the responsibility to care for Jesus’ body after his death, to cleanse him with oils, dress him in a shroud and bury him in a tomb set aside for his own use, should be our Patron Saint.

The Art of Dying Well are increasing awareness of the fact that we funeral directors, who give so much care and support to the bereaved, often need somewhere to turn for help when we are going through trying times.  We take on our shoulders the burdens of so many of our clients, but who do we turn to ourselves?  SAIF now offer support to our members through the service offered by Professional Help, SAIF Support, which is a wonderful service.  But for those of us who do have a faith, perhaps a prayer for help to St Joseph of Arimathea would be well received and would help us through the difficult times we often have.

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