Fairer Finance report on pre-paid funeral plans

July 10, 2017   //   No Comments

Following a report by consumer group Fairer Finance which looks at the selling of pre-paid funeral plans, SAIF Chief Executive Terry Tennens comments: “This is a very welcome report and one that highlights some important issues.

“Pre-paid funeral plans are becoming increasingly popular as for many people they take away the stress and worry of how their loved ones will pay for their funeral after they have died. They can also help with the costs associated with funerals by spreading payment over several years.

“There are many reputable funeral plan providers but, unfortunately, as with any industry, there are also those companies and individuals who will look to take advantage and act unscrupulously.

“Whilst good progress has been made in the regulation of funeral plans, there is still more that needs to be done so that consumers can act in confidence and be sure that they are receiving a high quality service.

“All SAIF members have the knowledge, experience and understanding to help provide advice and guidance to those who are looking to purchase a plan. We would always urge people to use a provider accredited by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) which itself has taken additional steps to further drive up industry standards and protect consumer interests by subjecting plan providers to higher levels of scrutiny – a move that we fully support.  The appointment of a new, independent board will also help ensure these high standards are enforced and that consumers receive greater protection.”

SAIF’s preferred funeral plan provider is Golden Charter Funeral Plans whose plans are fulfilled serviced through local independent funeral directors.