SAIF remembers Supporter Clifford James Sendell

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Clifford James Sendell, who was known as Cliff, owned C & O J Sendell Funeral Services, Ogmore Vale, Bridgend. He sadly passed away on 9 April at the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend. The following was written by Owen J Sendell, of C & O J Sendell Funeral Services.

Born on the 25 May 1931 to Lili Ann Sendell and Clifford James Sendell Snr of Ogmore Vale, Cliff was a much loved and respected funeral director in the Ogmore Valley, Bridgend and surrounding areas of South Wales.

At the age of 14, Cliff started work as a carpenter apprentice in Bridgend and after a year he left to work in the Wyndham Western Colliery, the Welsh Coal Mine in the village. At the age of 22 he was asked to leave the colliery and work for the local CRS Society now known as the Co-op Funeralcare in Ogmore and Bridgend. He was made a manager of the Co-op after a few years running the funeral side and was then given the roles of departments including the running of the shops and repairs side of things in all the areas of Cardiff, right down to Swansea and so on.

Then, in 1974, there were changes to the funeral side of things that Cliff didn’t think were good practice, so he decided to leave his role as a manager and start his own business in the Ogmore Valley. Times were hard and starting on your own didn’t come easy but after a few months of working hard the funeral business improved and he started taking work from all over South Wales.  Cliff was a very private and dignified person who demanded very high standards. He helped to ease the pain of many grieving families and friends. At home he lived with his wife Valerie, known as Val, and they had two sons, Owen and Andrew.

After his schooling, Owen joined the business in 1983 and worked with his dad as a partner within the funeral business.  Cliff was still working with Owen at the funeral home three weeks before he died so, at the bright age of 85 years old, his family can proudly say that they think he was one of the most dedicated people in the profession. Owen will now continue to be the dignified funeral director for the family business as per his father’s wishes, alongside his mother Val.

Clifford James Sendell is shown on the left on the photograph

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