Mortuary arrangements for the West Sussex Coroner

June 22, 2017   //   No Comments

SAIF Business Centre has received the following information from Margaret Butler of the West Sussex Coroner’s and Registration Service:

As you will recall I have been in touch with you in the past about some changes to the mortuary arrangements for the West Sussex Coroner. We are about to implement another relatively minor change of which I would like to make you aware.

In order to ensure that we can continue to provide a service to families that is as smooth and timely as possible some of the deceased who are subject to a referral to the Coroner in the mid Sussex area will be transferred to the Worthing Hospital mortuary rather than to the East Surrey Hospital mortuary. This change is planned to take effect from Monday 17th July.  Out of a total of approximately 3300 coroner’s referrals annually this change will affect in the region of 130 – 150 transfers in total. The area in question runs from the West Sussex/Brighton and Hove Boundary to the south up to Balcome and the southern outskirts of Crawley, ie the A23.

I must stress that this change has not come about due to any dissatisfaction with the services that have been provided by either NHS Trust. This is a step towards ensuring a resilient service into the future.

As usual you will of course receive information about the location of the deceased so that you will know where your collection may be made from.

Thank you for your assistance.

Yours faithfully

Margaret Butler

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