Catholic Church ban on scattering of ashes

January 25, 2017   //   No Comments

The Roman Catholic Church has banned the scattering of ashes of the dead, insisting that, in some circumstances, those who request it for themselves should even be denied a “Christian funeral”.  Strict new Vatican guidelines forbid a list of popular means of commemorating loved ones, from scattering ashes at sea to having them turned into jewellery or put in a locket, dismissing them as New Age practices. A formal instruction, approved by Pope Francis, even forbids Catholics from keeping ashes in an urn at home, other than in “grave and exceptional cases”. It also rules out the increasingly common practice of dividing people’s ashes between members of the family.

The new guidance accepts cremation in principle, but signals a clampdown on increasingly varied uses for ashes, insisting instead that they should only be kept in a “sacred place”, such as a cemetery.

Read more on the SAIFinsight website.  Thanks to Rick Powell, Secretary and Executive Officer of the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities for the article.

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