Welsh Government Consultation on medical examiner

December 13, 2016   //   No Comments

Following a similar exercise in England earlier this year, the Welsh Government is now consulting on the new role of independent medical examiner who will confirm the cause of all deaths that do not need to be investigated by a coroner.  The consultations will look at draft regulations for the appointment of medical examiners, plus additional functions of the role and a fee to be payable to local health boards for the service.  The changes are intended to come into effect in April 2018.

The Welsh Government has produced several documents to read before completing the feedback, but SAIF Business Centre has produced a summarised version highlighting the questions which are most important to funeral directors.  We also recommend reading the Questions and Answers document provided by the Welsh Government. SAIF would like to collate the responses of SAIF members to submit to the consultation process and would need to hear from members by 19th December to do this.  Alternatively, you may respond to the consultation directly by 13th January 2017.  Feedback on the consultation will help to ensure the successful implementation of the new regulations and any associated guidance.

To respond:

  1. To read the summarised version of the documents and to respond via SAIF by 19th December, click this link to our website.  Please note that you will need to be logged into the Members’ area of the website to access the link.
  2. To read all of the information provided by the Welsh government, including how to respond via an online form, email or by post by 13th January, click here.



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