SAIF Associate wins Gravedigger of the Year 2016 Award

December 28, 2016   //   No Comments

In October David Homer received the accolade of Gravedigger of the Year 2016. He says that to become a decent gravedigger, you need two things: an aptitude for hard work and attention to detail. Hard work comes naturally, as he digs every single grave by hand, to avoid the machinery of diggers disturbing the peace and quiet of the churchyard.

His start in gravedigging was almost accidental: “I’d been working as a pallbearer when my wife Amanda was let down by the gravedigger she’d hired, and so she asked me. I thought I could probably do a better job and make the grave look nice.”  He now owns DTH Burial and Churchyard Services, a SAIF Associate, and has five members of staff to help to dig the 300-odd graves he does a year, with two working for him part-time.


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