Company directors and managers must face Health & Safety responsibilities

December 19, 2016   //   No Comments

health-and-safety-1674578_1280-smalljpgRecent figures identified that, up to March this year, a significant large number of directors and managers had been prosecuted for health and safety offences.  Some 46 company directors and managers were prosecuted for health and safety offences; an increase of 35 compared to the previous year. Admittedly, almost all of the prosecutions followed the injury or death of an employee, many of whom were in the construction workplace. Of those prosecuted, twelve received prison sentences, although a number of the custodial sentences were suspended.

However, the message is clear; even though the culpable member of staff may be duly chastised, the HSE will go to the top hence Managers and Directors must be fully aware of their commitments.

So, be warned. In the event of an accident/incident, senior staff must be able to demonstrate that they are in support of what has been written down and are doing what is required of them ensuring safety risks are being managed. Failure could result in the HSE seeking the person at the top! So it makes sense that directors and managers are aware of their duties, supervision levels are adequate and that non-compliance with rules isn’t accepted.

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