This is Hospice Care Week

October 3, 2016   //   No Comments

Hospice Care Week is an annual week of activity to raise the profile of hospice care across the UK. Each year there is a week of celebration and action, which helps to change people’s perceptions of hospice care.  The sixth Hospice Care week takes place between 3rd and 9th October 2016 and the theme is ‘Hospice Care is…’.

This theme aims to highlight every aspect of the extraordinary care that hospices provide, from the well known to the not often highlighted.


…different. It is about living. It is about making every moment count. It is about creating memories. It is life changing.

Hospice care is there for anyone, young or old, living with a terminal illness, and their loved ones.

We want to celebrate the amazing and surprising side of hospice care. Join us and share what #hospicecareis… to you.

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