Learn about compliance and regulation of funeral plans at SAIF’s Education Day

October 17, 2016   //   No Comments

Every parliament across the UK has made various moves that could have a direct impact on independent funeral directors.  Now, as the industry prepares for change, SAIF and Golden Charter are keen to ensure members are following the rules surrounding the sale of funeral plans, to make certain every customer has their final wish met. To aid SAIF members, Alison Wilson of Golden Charter will be hosting an interactive seminar at this year’s Education Day in Leicester on 2nd November.

Alison will focus on the key issues surrounding the sale of funeral plans, from data protection, to finalising paperwork to the use of technology in selling plans.   “The Education Day will provide a chance to personally explain the correct procedures and why we have these rules and regulations,” explained Alison.  “A lot of the time, funeral directors may not realise why Golden Charter has to follow certain procedures, so this is our chance to speak directly to the funeral directors and answer their questions.”

Find out more about SAIF’s Education Day and book your places here.

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