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October 12, 2016   //   No Comments

balloon-releaseIf you organise balloon releases for your clients, are you aware of the guidelines and code of conduct produced by NABAS (National Association of Balloon Artists and Suppliers)?  The guidelines are provided for individuals and organisations planning their own balloon release for fund raising or any other purpose. They strongly recommend that only a small balloon release should be attempted without professional assistance, with small being defined as anything up to 1000 balloons. This guidance is designed to minimise the risk of any potential danger to animals, sea creatures and the general environment.

A scientific survey carried out in 1989 revealed that on release a balloon will float up to a height of approximately 5 miles and then it becomes brittle and shatters into miniscule pieces falling back to earth at a rate of circa one piece every 5 square miles. Problems can arise when a balloon is not inflated properly or fully or is carrying too much weight and therefore does not reach the height at which shattering occurs. This situation causes a potential danger to wildlife and the environment.

To learn how to reduce any of the risks associated with balloon sky lantern releases, click here.

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