Cremation Regulations Amendments 2016 will come into effect on 1st October

September 19, 2016   //   No Comments

legal-signing-document-mediumFollowing the government’s consultation on cremation, they have committed to a number of changes to infant cremation regulations and practice.  Justice Minister, Dr Phillip Lee MP, laid new regulations before Parliament which will amend the Cremation (England and Wales) Regulations 2008.  The Cremation (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 will come into effect on 1st October.  They will apply to all regulated cremations in England and Wales.

The new regulations introduce a statutory definition of ashes and remove the current requirement that cremation authorities must keep paper records about cremations for two years where they also have made electronic copies of these records.

These changes will provide clarity for bereaved parents at a difficult time in their lives, and modernise processes for crematoria.  In addition to the changes, a National Cremation Working Group has been set up.  The group is made up of representatives from the cremation and funeral industries, voluntary organisations who support bereaved parents, medical professionals and other government departments with an interest in cremation.  In the coming months it will provide expert input into our work to further improve cremation legislation and practice.

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