Scam warning update from SAIF

August 26, 2016   //   No Comments

A SAIF member recently brought to our attention a scam which involved an official looking email which appeared to be from HMRC.  Recipients may be tempted to open this email as it seems to be offering a tax refund.  The email asks the recipient to click a URL link to access the money. The next step would be to request the person’s login details and bank details.  These details would then be used to remove, rather than credit, money from the account.

As with all emails which appear to be from a financial institution, firstly question whether this is the usual method used by the organisation to contact you.  Do they usually email, telephone or write?  Secondly, never click a link within an email.  If you really believe that the email could be genuine, then log in to the service using your usual route, not the link provided.  You’ll then be able to check if the information provided is genuine. Remember that financial institutions will never ask you to give a full password, whether on the telephone or in an electronic format.