Considering a natural burial ground?

July 1, 2016   //   No Comments

It is hugely important that the final resting place for someone you love – or indeed for you yourself – is right for you and for your family.  If you’re thinking of choosing a natural burial ground, the Natural Death Centre offers advice on how to choose the best option: natural death centre logo small

  • Visit any natural burial ground that you are thinking of choosing
  • Talk it through beforehand – making any decision after a bereavement is far harder than if thoughts and plans are made beforehand, when shock, grief and the pressure of time are not such an issue
  • Think about what matters to you – there are basically two types of natural burial grounds; truly natural, nature reserve grounds, where non-embalming is a requirement and coffins have to be biodegradable; then there are those where a tree is planted but no other environmentally friendly rules apply.
  • Consider your priorities – it’s essential to decide what the desired priorities are for you and /or the person who will be buried there. For example, you may specifically wish for a tree to be planted on the grave, which may not be something offered by the burial ground closest to you.
  • Ask the Natural Death Centre
  • Talk to the burial ground operator
  • Visit before the funeral – it’s important to get the feel of a place which will be a special one for family and friends of the deceased in years to come.

To read the full article, visit the Natural Death Centre’s website.


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