Want to know about Advance Decisions (Living Wills)?

June 28, 2016   //   No Comments

An Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment allows you to refuse treatment in advance of a time when you don’t have the capacity to make a decision for yourself. It’s commonly shortened to Advance Decision and also known as a Living Will. An Advance Decision only comes into effect if you cannot make a decision for yourself, or cannot communicate.

An Advance Decision lets you record any medical treatments that you don’t want to be given in the future.  An Advance Statement lets you record anything that’s important to you when thinking about your health, care and wellbeing, like any religious or spiritual views, your daily routine or where you would like to be cared for.

Compassion in Dying have created a website that takes people through questions and scenarios to help them decide what’s important to them.  At the end, it generates a legal document about their  wishes for treatment and care for them to print, sign, witness and share.  Find out more here.

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