Accident investigation and reporting – download new template from SAIF

June 20, 2016   //   No Comments

Would you be confident that the supervisor or manager on duty would know what information to collect should one of your employees have an accident?  Accidents happen, irrespective of the care you take, but will you or your busy manager remember all the steps which need to be taken, even if you give them training?

accident smallSAIF are able to offer a simple flow chart for members. From the time of the accident, through the stages of gathering evidence, informing senior management and completing required reports to the end. Whilst the flow chart is based this on usual practices within companies, you should tailor it to suit your own arrangements and this can then be placed on your staff noticeboard or place it with your first aid kit, basically, ensure it is readily available when required.  Members may also download a customisable Accident & Incident Reporting Policy.

If the accident is in a more serious category your designated senior manager or health and safety advisor will normally take charge of the investigation and, as shown in our flow chart, be responsible for making statutory reports bearing in mind the need to report the matter to RIDDOR.

SAIF Members will firstly need to login to the Members’ Area and then select Member Resources, Health & Safety, Templates or use this link.

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