SAIF welcomes new member Nigel Groves Funerals

May 25, 2016   //   No Comments

SAIF recently welcomed new members Nigel Groves Funerals of Weston-super-Mare. Nigel and his wife Claire previously worked with a large corporate funeral business, and it was a sense of getting back in touch with people and the community that prompted them to set up on their own business in September 2015.  Nigel explained, “We both felt that we had been moving further and further away from what we loved to do – dealing with families and looking after the deceased. By becoming an independent we felt we had more to offer.”

nigel grovesThey’ve been quick to develop new ideas. Among other things, they are emulating food banks by providing £250 discount vouchers for their ‘simple’ funeral to people in need – these are distributed through ministers and community leaders.  In what Nigel believes is a first in the UK, Nigel Groves Funerals provides an ‘at cost’ funeral for anyone who is 30 or under when they pass away. This complements the ‘no fee’ funeral they provide for children up to age 18.

That energy and innovation has helped the business exceed expectations in its first months, and there are ambitions to keep growing – the plan is to have a second branch within three years.  “It was definitely a good decision to set up the business,” said Nigel. “It was a big step, but giving people an excellent service at reasonable cost is something we feel passionate about.”

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