Want to be remembered after your death? Check out these Death Apps.

April 28, 2016   //   No Comments

hands-coffee-smartphone-technology mediumDeath Goes Digital recently explored the market for digital memories and reviewed a selection of death apps.  These apps simplify the process of storing memories, with users being able to upload photos, videos and thoughts so that people in the future can remember them.  Additionally, they provide users with a secure storage of digital assets and passwords for online accounts. Here’s a flavour of what the apps can do, but for the full story, click here.

Once I’ve Gone: this app allows you to record your final wishes and important information so that it can be shared with your nearest and dearest.

Safebeyond: this app aims to help people you love to cope better after you’ve passed away and keep messages in a safe place. 

Cake: by answering a series of CAKE cards, you can discover and store your end of life wishes. These can then be shared with your loved ones after you have passed away.

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