Have you had the talk? Let your family know your decision to become an organ donor.

April 19, 2016   //   No Comments

organ donation tell your familyNHS Organ Donation has posted a reminder on Twitter about needing to discuss with your family and friends if you decide to join the Organ Donor Register.   They recognise that organ donation can be a hard thing to discuss, especially with your friends and family, but it can be made a little easier:

  • Try using a TV or newspaper story about a transplant to start a discussion
  • Explain how donating your organs and tissues will improve, or even save lives
  • Tell them how you arrived at your decision to donate your organs, so they can support your decision

If you register your wishes without telling the people closest to you they may not know to support you decision. The news of your choice could come as a surprise, when they are trying to deal with their loss.  More information about organ donation may be found here.

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