British people sit for 8.9 hours each day on average

April 29, 2016   //   No Comments

on your feet britainOn 29th April, employees are being urged to participate in ‘On your feet Britain’, in an effort to tackle the serious health problems caused by prolonged periods of sitting.  In February, research revealed that 73% of employees rarely leave their desks.  As prolonged periods of sitting can have serious health implications for employees, employers suffer the consequences through poor sickness absence levels and lower productivity.

The first ‘Get Britain Standing’ day is an initiative that is backed by leading health and scientific experts on sedentary behaviour.  On 29th April, employers are being asked to encourage their employees to convert sitting time to standing where possible, such as standing up during phone calls and speaking to colleagues instead of emailing them.  The campaign has designed a sitting hours calculator, which adds up an individual’s daily sitting hours, puts them in a health bracket and spells out the dangers.  Visit the calculator here.

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