The government pledges £1.5 million to help young people spot signs of mental illness

March 8, 2016   //   No Comments

A £1.5 million fund was recently announced by the government to help young people develop support networks and talk about mental health, with online advice and workshops to help set them up.  Young people are urged to help the government shape new peer support networks so they can talk openly about mental health.  Within this, a digital innovation fund will be used to provide new and engaging online resources for parents and young people such as mobile phone apps.

We know that young people are often the first to spot when something is wrong with their friends and often confide in each other first – whether that’s a friend who is suffering from an eating disorder or someone not coping with exam stress at school. That’s why we must train them in how to spot the signs so they can then get the help they need.

A new advisory group will gather evidence from young people about their experiences and work with schools that are running successful peer to peer support networks, so this approach can be extended to thousands of schools across the country. Read more on the government’s website here.





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