The Future of ageing looks bleak without better planning

March 3, 2016   //   No Comments

The International Longevity Centre recently launched a new report which argues that our ageing society offers significant social and economic opportunities but only if policymakers plan better for the long term. ‘Tomorrow’s World: The Future of Ageing in the UK’ has been published using contributions gleaned from our first Future of Ageing Conference. ‘Tomorrow’s World’ argues that our society is not adequately responding to ageing today:

  • The social care system is crumbling and health care is failing to incentivise the prevention of ill health.
  • The housing and planning system is failing to respond to ageing resulting in people living in housing which does not meet their needs.
  • Individuals are currently underestimating their life expectancy and risking running out of money in retirement.

The report points out that without action today, the picture in 10 years time could be much worse.  You may read the full report here.

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