SAIF welcomes new member R Greaves in Wem, Shropshire

February 11, 2016   //   No Comments

greaves again

After 11 years work with a family-run funeral director, Rhian Greaves decided to start her own funeral business in Wem, Shropshire. “It’s what I love doing, and I had a strong vision for the kind of experience I want to offer people. I felt I could only do that with my own business,” she explains. Rhian’s “mission” is to get people talking about death and the kind of funeral they would like, in an environment where they feel relaxed and in control.

“I wanted to bring the business into the 21st Century and get people talking,” she says. “Lots of people come in just for a chat, I’ve got a Facebook page…I’m not a scary person and this isn’t a scary place. I have an on-site memorial showroom and window displays that I change every month. So I’ve had a motorbike funeral, eco-funerals – it’s always something different.”

Despite not having the decades of loyalty that often come with an established family funeral director, Rhian is well known and liked in the community, including for her fundraising work with the local children’s hospice.

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