Life expectancy at older ages is the highest it’s ever been

February 26, 2016   //   No Comments

A new report by Public Health England (PHE) finds that life expectancy at older ages in England has risen to its highest ever level.

According to PHE’s report on recent trends in life expectancy at older ages:

  • men can now expect to live for a further 19 years at age 65, 12 years at 75, 6 years at 85 and 3 years at 95
  • women can expect to live for a further 21 years at age 65, 13 years at 75, 7 years at 85, and 3 years at 95

This follows PHE’s report last year of a drop in life expectancy at some older ages between 2011 and 2012.  The exception is females aged 85. Despite the rise in 2014, this is still at the same level as in 2011.  Read more on the government’s website.

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