SAIF Member Update on Scottish Government’s National Committee on Infant Cremation

January 13, 2016   //   No Comments

Member Jim Brodie of Brodies Funeral Services in North Lanarkshire represented SAIF on 12th January at a meeting of the commitee which is overseeing the Stage 1 review of the new Burial and Cremation Bill for Scotland.  As a founder member of the Scottish Infant Cremation Steering Group, Jim was the only funeral director present who had intimate knowledge of the work of that group, which is tasked with the implementation of Lord Bonomy’s recommendations, which in turn, are the driving force toward the new Bill.

Jim was able to explain further that the recently published National Committee on Infant Cremation Code of Practice, involving all parties involved with infant loss cremation, (NHS, funeral director and cremation authority) would handle many of the specific points raised. It is important to note that any Scottish Funeral Director who is involved with infant cremation should make themselves familiar with the code as it is to be enforceable by the new Bill, not voluntary.  The code of practice may be downloaded from the Scottish Government’s website here.