Use the SAIF Helpline for business related concerns

December 22, 2015   //   No Comments

Have you ever needed guidance and unsure who to turn to? hand holding phone 250 pixels

One of the benefits of SAIF Membership is the SAIF Helpline which provides help with any business related concerns.  The helpline is an insurance based service for members and includes:

  • Personal, legal and general advice on any legal problem within the laws of the UK, Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and other countries in the European Union.
  • Personal and business taxation matters (subject to the laws of the UK)
  • General health issues and non diagnostic advice on medical matters. This can cover, allergies, the side effect of drugs and how to improve your health overall.
  • Guidance on business related issues

There is no limit to the number of times you use the service, so feel free to telephone as often as you need to.  All telephone calls are answered personally.  The telephone number and reference code to access the service is provided in the Members’ area.  You’ll need to login first.

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