Unique funeral floral tributes

December 11, 2015   //   No Comments

A survey by Wilcox Limousines has shown an unusual range of floral tributes.

214 funeral directors were questioned as part of the research, which found that the most unusual funeral flower arrangement was a full model of Emmerdale Farm.  Other unique requests included a quarter scale traditional Romany caravan, a model of Freddy Krueger and an oil rig.  The research revealed these top ten most unusual funeral flower arrangements:

  1. A full model of Emmerdale farm
  2. A ¼ scale traditional Romany caravan
  3. A model of Freddy Krueger
  4. A floral pint of Guinness with ‘breakfast’ written on a ribbon at the front
  5. A British Airways liveried Boeing 747
  6. A snooker table with cue and pint on top
  7. An oil rig
  8. Blackpool Tower with lights included
  9. A floral pacemaker
  10. A half submerged crocodile on top of a coffin

You may read more on the Wilcox Limousines website.

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