SAIF objects to North East Lincolnshire Council providing funeral service

December 17, 2015   //   No Comments

SAIF backs local funeral directors against North East Lincolnshire Council running its own funeral service.

Executive Chairman, Alun Tucker, has written to all of the councillors involved in the decision making at The Full Council in Grimsby Town Hall later today, 17th December.   Alun states, “Running a successful funeral directing business and supporting grieving families should not fall within a council remit and should not be approached as a cost-cutting measure.”

Council members are concerned about the increasing number of local families having to appeal for donations to pay for funerals and want to make funerals more affordable.  However Alun explained that funeral directors already offer low cost, simple funerals to families on low incomes.  He also stated that third party costs can make up to 50% of overall costs and these are outside the council’s control

The campaign has been reported in the Grimsby Telegraph, which you can read here.




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