Give safely this Christmas – make sure your donations reach ‘The right hands’

December 21, 2015   //   No Comments

The Charity Commission is encouraging members of the public to give safely this Christmas.

Thousands of people donate, volunteer, lend a hand, and give others a hand up – especially at Christmas. Volunteers hit the streets, colleagues run bake sales and friends run marathons to raise much needed funds that help support charity. However, among the Christmas cheer and kind-hearted intentions, clever fraudsters find ways of duping the public and putting charitable donations into their own back pockets.

Over the holiday period the commission is running a campaign encouraging the public to make sure their donation ends up in the right hands; the hands of genuine collectors, and ultimately the hands of those who most need help.

Members of the public are encouraged to take certain steps before donating to charity, such as checking a charity is registered, looking for formal ID badges and permission to collect (with charity collectors), making sure a site is secure if donating online, and using a search engine to access a charity’s website rather than following a link given to you.  Find out more here.