Paying subs on time is vital to avoid losing SAIF benefits

November 30, 2015   //   No Comments

SAIF Members have been asked to pay their annual subscriptions on time or risk losing their benefits. alun tucker oct 15 smallest

Executive Chairman Alun Tucker says, “All members will have been notified by now of their subscriptions and when they are due to be paid.  I would ask everyone to pay the subscription promptly so that we can continue to maintain the high level of services that we provide to our members.”

A change of Rule 11d was passed at the Annual General Meeting in March which reads that, ‘Membership shall be terminated if the subscriptions due are not received at the office by expiry date of 30 days after their becoming due for payment.’

Alun continues, “This rule will be strictly enforced so please pay promptly to avoid losing your benefits which, of course, include your SAIFCharter membership.”  Subscriptions are due on 1st January 2016 but must be received by 31st January to avoid termination of membership.

Thank you to the 25% of members who have already paid their subscriptions.