What’s DNA Memorial? Find out at SAIF’s Education Day.

October 15, 2015   //   No Comments

DNA Memorials will be speaking at SAIF’s Education Day at Leicester on 4th November.

The DNA Memorial service has already been launched in Canada and the US; Britain is the first country in Europe to be involved.  The process involves trained staff taking mouth swabs from the deceased, which are sent to a specialist laboratory.  The DNA is sealed in a sterile vile and returned to the family of the deceased for storage at home until required, either for clinical tests later in life or for genealogical research.   DNA can even be put into a range of jewellery or crystal glass pieces as a precious keepsake which immortalises the very essence of a loved one.

Medical experts believe the genetic material, which makes each one of us unique, holds the key to the health of families and future generations because the analysis of family DNA is increasingly making diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases much easier.

If you’d like to find out more, come along to SAIF’s Education Day at Leicester on 4th November.  Find out more here.

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