Warning to SAIF Members of Tax Refund Scam

October 5, 2015   //   No Comments

SAIF Business Centre was contacted recently about a scam involving an apparent notice from HM Revenues and Customs (HMRC).

Morris & Partners in Gravesend called to warn other SAIF Members about an Automated Tax Refund Notification the company received which was supposedly sent from HMRC.  The email reports that the company is owed a tax refund and needs to complete an online form, including giving their bank account details, card number and card security code.  This immediately should ring warning bells.  The email includes a zip file attachment and SAIF has warned earlier about potential problems in opening zip attachments, including viruses being downloaded onto your computer.

Additional signs to be aware of: if you don’t correspond with the tax office using their online system, they would not be emailing you, they would be posting a letter, the tax office tends not to spell eligible as ‘aligible’ and it’s not often that you get a refund from the tax office!


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