HSE Reports on Perceptions of the Health and Safety of Young Workers

September 22, 2015   //   No Comments

HSE-logoThe work involved a review of published documents and interviews with 14 representatives from employer organisations, schools/academies, work placement organisers and insurers.

No documents were found that examined employers’ views about young workers and health and safety. However, evidence was found within published documents that links increase of injury in young workers, and a lack of work experience and training, poor awareness of occupational risks, inadequate supervision, and possible lack of physical and/or psychological maturity. Interviewees perceived that all environments can present a risk if a worker lacks relevant experience or awareness of them.

When taking on a young person, interviewees considered age to be less important than experience and ability. Misperceptions were found to exist about the health and safety considerations that need to be made for young people when they enter the workforce. There were also some perceptions that employers may hide behind health and safety and insurance as excuses for not employing young people, when a more likely reason is that they perceive a young person to be a burden and an additional cost.

You may read the full report here.