Which words will be included in your eulogy?

August 14, 2015   //   No Comments

What are the eulogy qualities that we are living each day?

This is a question posed recently on the website Memorable Words.  The article refers to a Huffington Post article  in which a man was remembered at his funeral service for the care and love he gave his family and friends rather than his work accomplishments.  The deceased’s “eulogy qualities created the foundation of how his life was remembered.”

What would be on the your list of ‘eulogy qualities?’ Perhaps some of these: listening, loving, forgiving, kindness, remembering, time, thoughtfulness, honesty, authenticity, playfulness and patience.  Maybe there are extras you could add to your list.  The article writer ends with the question: “What could you do today to express the eulogy quality that will be spoken about you at one day in the future?”

Read the full article here.