SAIF Interviewed on BBC Regional Radio Stations

August 19, 2015   //   No Comments

Today the BBC have featured the rising cost of cremations and contacted SAIF to comment.

Covered on BBC Breakfast and on their website, the BBC revealed that the average cost of a cremation at a public crematorium has risen by a third since 2010.  Reasons given for the increase include the cost of new anti-pollution equipment and the need to accommodate larger coffins.

Yesterday SAIF’s Vice President Paul Allcock recorded interviews with BBC Radio Norfolk and BBC Radio Surrey, both of which were scheduled to be aired this morning.  Matthew Sims of Sims and Jones Funeral Directors near Swansea is set to be interviewed by BBC Radio Cymru this morning.  BBC’s Breakfast TV show interviewed Heather Kennedy of Quaker Social Action who are campaigning to end Funeral Poverty.