How do you manage effective inductions of new staff?

August 18, 2015   //   No Comments

It’s no secret that a thorough induction procedure for new employees offers a wealth of benefits. SAIF logo 100 pixels

It gives you the opportunity to provide your new member of staff with all the information that they need about your business as well as helping them settle in as quickly as possible.  A comprehensive induction should explain the background of your business, e.g. its history, staff and staff rules, procedures and future goals. You should clarify what exactly you expect from the new employee, this would hopefully reduce the likelihood of any future problems.

Whilst it may take a little time to set up, this will almost certainly pay off in the long run. Indeed, employers who carry out effective inductions usually end up saving time on personnel-related matters.

So how can you ensure your induction process is the best it can be? SAIF have a template and guidance on areas to cover and how to set up your induction procedure for members use.  Simply login to the Members’ area, select the Members’ Resources page and then choose the Human Resources link.