Digital autopsies offer alternative to post mortems

June 30, 2015   //   No Comments

If a loved one requires a post mortem, traditionally the organs of the deceased are removed for examination.

Although this procedure is always carried out with respect, many relatives find the process extremely distressing. As reported in SAIFinsight in June 2015, this procedure may be replaced by digital autopsy, which uses a CT scanner to capture digital image instead of opening up the body.

The scans create a 3D whole body reconstruction of the deceased, which is then used by specially trained radiologists and pathologists to establish the cause of death.  During a digital autopsy, the deceased remains covered at all times.  Even personal effects such as jewellery can remain in place during the scan.

More details are available from iGene, which runs Digital Autopsy facilities in Sheffield, Bradford and Sandwell.  Click here for their website.