Developing the SAIF brand

June 22, 2015   //   No Comments

“Contrary to popular opinion, we are not doing our job of representing independent funeral directors out of any ‘self interest.’

“Our members may be in a minority, but in our eyes and certainly in theirs, it is a very important minority indeed.  We will continue to serve the true interest of our members, who e believe strongly have every right to protect their businesses and market share if they wish to do so.  We believe passionately in what we are doing.”

These are the words of then SAIF Chief Executive Officer printed in SAIFinsight in 2004.  How times have changed – our members are no longer in a minority.  SAIF now has 820 full members, with new applications being received weekly, and is now a strong vibrant trade association committed to providing the best support to those members.  Part of that support is to promote the SAIF logo and to raise public awareness of what it stands for.  This is already on our agenda, as is the re-launch of the SAIF Community Awards, an opportunity for members to show how much good work is done in their local communities.