Church of England Campaign for Religious Funerals

June 26, 2015   //   No Comments

Across the UK, religious funerals are growing increasingly rare and the Church of England has begun a national campaign to promote its own services.

As reported in SAIFinsight in June 2015, Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is supporting the campaign, which is using both online and offline marketing tools.  The promotion will involve a leaflet campaign as well improvements to the websites of individual churches, in an attempt to encourage families to use the Church of England for funerals.

Head of the Church of England funerals project, the Reverend Dr Sandra Millar said, “Caring for people through the service itself and being there with a quiet space and a listening ear is at the heart of parish ministry.”  The campaign aims to counteract a long term fall in religious funerals throughout the UK.  Figures from the Church of England in 2013 showed that 66% of funerals were not carried out by the church.