Caring for the ageing workforce

May 14, 2015   //   No Comments

To reduce the pressure of low birth rates and increasing average life expectancies, employers will need to encourage workers to delay retirement.

Age Action Alliance have created the ‘Healthy Workplaces’ Group to help employers improve the health and productivity of their ageing workforces. Achieving real progress in this area would significantly support the health and wellbeing of older people both in the short term and well into later life. The group comprises a range of organisations from the business community, voluntary sector and Government, bringing together expertise on age, health and employment.

To remain competitive employers need to attract and retain workers of all ages, younger and older, to ensure a skilled and experienced, productive workforce. Those employers who do not, risk higher costs through increased absenteeism, lowered job performance and premature loss of expertise.

The Healthy Workplaces Group has uniquely brought together in one place some of the key and simplest tools employers need to improve the health and productivity of their ageing workforces and reduce costs. This can significantly help to improve the well-being of older people both in the workplace and well into their later lives.  The group have published an online toolkit for employers and work place managers, which may be read here.



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