Why independent funeral directors are better

April 20, 2015   //   No Comments

SAIF welcomes new members Southgate & Roberts Funeral Directors in Ipswich.

Matt Southgate and Liam Roberts have many years experience within large funeral service providers.  Here they explain why they opted to open their own independent funeral service.

southgate and robertsMatt: I have been involved in the funeral service for over 20 years. I feel incredibly privileged and honoured to be working in a profession I passionately care about. Having worked for one of the largest funeral service providers, I felt my hands were tied due to a working environment where profit was put before people. Now I am able to provide a service for families where they have the choice to make their loved one’s funeral exactly how they want it, irrespective of cost, and to offer as much help and guidance as needed at one of the most difficult times in their lives. I and my colleagues now know that we can do just that, which brings great peace of mind and huge job satisfaction. My motto in life is “Smile even when it’s raining.”

Liam: I have worked within the funeral service industry since 1986. For many of those years, whilst in a senior management post for the UK’s largest single service provider, I experienced  southgate and roberts 2the very worst in boardroom politics, which resulted in a climate of adversity for both client facing staff and bereaved families. Now, working alongside Matt as an independent business, I am so pleased to be able to devote all my passion and knowledge to offering the very best possible standards of care and professionalism.  My motto in life is “It is always best to under promise and over achieve, than to over promise and under achieve.”

We joined SAIF already knowing the value of being a member, due to the positive testimony of the many industry colleagues and existing members, whom we have great respect for.

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