Welcome to new SAIF Quality Assessors

February 11, 2015   //   No Comments

With SAIF membership continuing to increase at such a pace, it’s obvious the work load is also increasing, not just in the SAIF Business Centre, but also on the road for the Quality Assessors.

With this in mind, we are delighted to welcome John Cumiskey and Darlene Kinton to our team, which gives SAIF nine Quality Assessors in England and Wales. With Joe Murren, newly appointed in Scotland, we have a full house.

Alun Tucker and I met with the Assessors recently (with thanks to Anstey & District Funeral Directors for the use of their facilities) to review last year’s 321 inspections and to discuss the year ahead. We talked of the changes that have been introduced both in the inspection itself and its reporting back to SAIF Business Centre. With the knowledge I gained last year by shadowing the inspectors and, of course, the experience of all at the meeting, we were able to discuss conformity and the need to standardise procedures.

It certainly is onward and upward; inspections reports will be emailed to the SAIF Business Centre on the same day of the inspection and any suggested improvements or requirements to comply with SAIF Code of Practice or membership criteria can be dealt with immediately. Isn’t technology wonderful?  Gone are the days of paper reports, it will be all down to mobile tablets from now on.

Last year, SAIF expelled one member and suspended two for breaches of our Code.  We would not wish to see a need to continue such actions and hope that everyone will comply as per the terms of their membership. Please remember SAIF is about quality not quantity.

If you are due an inspection this year, please try to ensure availability and meet the appointment date. Inspections are put in place to help you with your business and to help with best practice procedures.



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