John’s body was found at home alone on the 17th January

February 12, 2015   //   No Comments

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(Written by SAIF National President 2014-2015 Mark Woollard.)

During my time at Crisis I have met many different and interesting characters. One is a guest called JC. A larger than life chap who has been on the street for some time but was slowly turning his life around. He had a flat and had been coming to Crisis for support and company over the Christmas period. A hardened drinker, and some old habits are hard to break, he would always say, ‘I’ll be back next year to help as a volunteer.’ In the meantime he would help keep the other guests in check outside the centre, advising new guests and volunteers what Crisis was about.  In fact, he recently he raised over £1500 during a week, getting everyone he could to sign his birthday card and make a donation to Crisis. No one in Kings Cross was safe from his charms or his birthday card.

There will be no next year. On the 26th January, I heard that John’s body was found at home alone on the 17th January. He was aged 54 years, old in street age but still young in life. His funeral will be a public contract service as he had no family. Very little is known about John other than his homelessness. At this difficult time, it’s reassuring to know that his funeral will be conducted with the upmost respect and professionalism as the funeral director is Peter Miller of W G Miller, Islington, a founder member of SAIF. For a man who had no family, John’s funeral will be well attended by lots of guests and volunteers from Crisis, myself included. RIP John Connor.

If this story has touched you, take a few moments to make an online donation to Crisis on this website.  It will take you less than five minutes to help others like John.

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