Call for Scottish SAIF Members to respond to Commission’s research

February 20, 2015   //   No Comments

SAIF Scotland President Jim Brodie has now attended two meetings of the Scottish Government’s Infant Cremation Commission.

The Scottish Government have taken Lord Bonomy’s report very seriously and are committed to fulfilling all 64 recommendations. The group consists of funeral profession trade associations, cremation associations, the NHS midwifery, infant bereavement charities and parent representatives. The main objective is to disseminate information to the connected parties as soon as practicable and to ensure that all future training and continuous professional development courses take any policy changes into hand smoothly.

Changes so far include the Crematorium associations which are already making headway with changing procedures and the NHS midwifery which has changed from contractual funeral directors to parental choice of disposal.

The Scottish Government have just launched a consultation document, which ends on 24th April 2015. It’s online only and they are seeking input from related parties. Paragraphs 182 to 190 relate to funeral directors and we encourage every Scottish funeral director to download, read and, if warranted, make comment. SAIF members may login to the Members’ Area and read the document and instructions on how to respond on the Funeral Profession Information page by 24th April.


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