Too far to travel to a funeral? Watch it on the web.

December 17, 2014   //   No Comments

Funeral webcasting is the use of digital cameras, such as webcams, and the Internet to broadcast a funeral or memorial service to a remote location.

The practice of Livestreaming Funerals is becoming increasingly common in the US, with companies such as FuneralOne providing the software and service for many funeral homes.  It enables the bereaved to watch and listen to a funeral service from the comfort of their own home, if they are physically unable to attend the service.  It’s proving popular among families who are geographically dispersed across the country or the world.   Funeral webcasting can also be used to save the recorded service either onto portable media or a central database, allowing repeat viewings of a service as desired.

While the initial idea of funeral webcasting may seem somewhat morbid, in practice it has provided comfort for numerous individuals. The Internet can provide a powerful tool for communication and long-distance viewing of a service. More and more funeral homes have begun offering funeral webcasting to help facilitate the grieving process for those who cannot otherwise attend a memorial service.

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