“On Boxing Day Crisis served nearly 600 meals including seconds.”

December 29, 2014   //   No Comments

SAIF National President Mark Woollard is spending much of this Christmas time volunteering for Crisis. Here’s Mark’s latest update.

28th December and five shifts completed. The first two at a day centre, helping those guest who have somewhere to sleep, a hostel, church floor or sofa but no where to spend the day and keep out of the cold and rain. My next three shifts were at the Women’s centre. This centre is a residential one where women with nowhere to sleep are able to stay with us until the 30th when we close, then hopefully onto some accommodation or back out onto the street. My next two shifts will be back to a day centre near King’s Cross, London which has been overcapacity due its location and the freezing rain.

If you would like to help Crisis, the national homeless charity, please contact the SAIF office on 0845 230 6777.

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