Crowd Funding a Funeral

December 5, 2014   //   No Comments

We’re all becoming increasingly aware of the power of crowdfunding: funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet. 

From funding specialist medical treatment for a child to paying for a local community’s Christmas party, crowdfunding is now also being used to fund funerals, particularly where young people have died in unexpected and often tragic circumstances.  There are even specialist fundraising websites which generate money just for funerals, although presently these are still mainly US based. 

One such website is Funeral Fund, which guides the bereaved through three simple steps to creating a campaign.  The steps give advice as to how to maximise funds by writing a brief and compelling story about the deceased person and by spreading the word as far as possible.  For the 14 days of the campaign, the request is listed on the website with details of the target amount to be raised, how much has been raised so far and the percentage of the target achieved.