Could you help a bereaved child near you?

December 12, 2014   //   No Comments

1 in 29 pupils will be bereaved of a sibling or parent – that’s a child in every class.

It is widely acknowledged that the quality of care children receive at the time of a death can have a huge impact on future outcomes. Whilst responding appropriately to a bereaved child in the classroom may feel like a big responsibility for teachers, what most grieving children need is very simple: care and concern from adults they trust. Schools are well placed to provide this, but few teachers receive training in how to effectively meet the needs of bereaved pupils in their care.

In response, Child Bereavement UK, have developed Supporting Bereaved Pupils, an E-learning programme for teachers, head teachers and support staff, designed and produced with input from families and school staff. This programme aims to ensure that schools and their staff have the skills and confidence to offer appropriate support to bereaved children and young people, and has recently won Gold at the E-learning Age Awards for excellence in production of learning content.

Angela Culley, Headmistress, The Mead School says, “We used the Child Bereavement UK e-learning programme as part of our whole staff inset, which included both teaching and non teaching staff…100% reported back that not only did they find it really interesting and easy to use but it gave them a real insight into this sensitive and often taboo area. There is no doubt that everybody gained confidence and all feel much more secure in helping bereaved children when the need arises.”

£250 would sponsor a school in your area to receive this award-winning programme of e-learning for every member of staff.

If you’re interested in supporting a local school by making this vital learning available to teachers, please contact or telephone 01494 568907.