Coffin Accreditation

December 1, 2014   //   No Comments

SAIF is represented on the Council of British Funeral Services by Richard Edwards who recently attended a meeting, at which the conclusions of the coffin testing programme were outlined by The Funeral Furnishing Manufactures Association (FFMA).

Following a number of unsavoury incidents involving coffins and possible dangers to the health and safety of cremation operatives, the FFMA together with the Institute of Burial and Cremation Authority (IBCA) and Institute of Cemetery and Cremation Management (ICCM) decided to enlist the help of SAIF and the NAFD in setting up a method of rigorously testing all coffins destined for cremation before being sold to Funeral Directors and accepted by Crematoria.

SAIF Members may read the conclusions of the report by logging onto the Member’s Area and selecting the Funeral Profession Information tab.