Space funeral for pets

September 19, 2014   //   No Comments

As reported in the Funeral Service Journal in September 2014, an American company that already blasts human remains into space is extending its services to pets.

celestis pets

Texas-based Celestis Memorial Spaceflights made their inaugural launch in 1995, in which human cremated remains were blasted into space.  The company believes that this is a unique and compelling way to honour loved ones.  They’ve now extended their service to include man’s best friend.  There are a range of options, with fees ranging from £600 to £7000, to include an engraved flight capsule on a mission of the buyer’s choice.  The capsule may contain one gram of cremated ashes or a lock of hair.  The price also includes an invitation to attend the launch and a tour of the company’s facilities.  The pet’s name, photograph and biography will also be placed on the company’s website and the owner receives a certificate.



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